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Calendar of Upcoming Events

Palisade Restaurant, 2601 W Marina Place,
Seattle, WA 98199.
(Meeting Schedule for ROTARY 2019)

The Rotary Club of Magnolia has changed their Meeting Schedule for 2018-19 Rotary Year. We will meet at Noon, the First and Third Thursday of each month, Palisades Restaurant. We will have a happy hour meeting on the Second Thursday of each month and will do a service project sometime during the month for our fourth gathering. If there a Fifth Thursday during the month we may have a Fireside Gathering. The time and place will be updated on our site.



NOVEMBER 02, 8:00 AM - Cascade Leadership Challenge, ½ Marathon Beer Garden, Work Project

NOVEMBER 07, NOON - Palisade Restaurant - Paul Harris Presentation Rick Newell, Mercer Island Rotary, wear your Paul Harris Medallion.

NOVEMBER 14, 5:00 PM - Happy Hour - Serendipity Restaurant, Magnolia Village.

NOVEMBER 18, 5:30 PM - Board Meeting, Windermere Office Conference Room. (New Time)

NOVEMBER 21, NOON - Palisade Restaurant - Suzi Burke - Fremont Rotary, update on Fremont.



DECEMBER 05, NOON - Palisade Restaurant- Jason Thibeaux, Executive Director, Magnolia Chamber of Commerence.

DECEMBER 12, 6:00 PM - MELE KALEKIMAKA Happy Hour - Champagne Diner, 945 Elliott Ave W.

DECEMBER 16, 5:30 PM - Board Meeting, Windermere Office Conference Room. (New Time)

DECEMBER 19, NOON - Palisade Restaurant - Club Christmas /holiday Lunch Party!

DECEMBER 25, Merry Christmas - Christmas and a - No planned work December.



JANUARY 01 - Have a Prosperous and Happy Leap Year!

JANUARY 02, NOON PM - Palisade Restaurant - TBA.

JANUARY 09, 5:00 PM - Happy Hour - TBA

JANUARY 13, 5:30 PM - Board Meeting, Windermere Office Conference Room. (New Time)

JANUARY 16, NOON - Palisade Restaurant - TBA.

Work Project TBA


APRIL 25, 2020 10 AM - 1 PM Just Shred It! - KeyBank parking lot - W. McGraw St & 34th Ave W. (behind Branch)


* = tentative speaker